How It Works

Meet the SafetyChew, a new kind of bully stick holder that uses a patent-pending locking mechanism to secure your dog’s bully stick and maximize chew enjoyment every time. No twisting or cranking needed, and most importantly, no bully stick slipping. Click play below to see why the SafetyChew is dog and dog-owner approved:

Bully Stick 101

Bully sticks are a great rawhide alternative, but they bring their own hidden danger: choking. 

Every year 1000s of dogs end up at the emergency vet due to a bully stick related choking incident. The last few inches of a bully stick can easily be swallowed by your dog and pose an immediate choking risk or become lodged in their system somewhere else down the track. 

 Source: Vet Practice News


Bully Stick Holders

Bully stick holders are a great way to prevent physical harm to your dog and financial harm to your wallet (think how expensive those vet bills get…), but not any bully stick holder will do. In the search for a perfect solution, we tried every option on the market. Not a single solution could prevent the bully stick from slipping out, withstand the jaw of our tough chewers, or allow our dog to actually chew down to the last bit of the chew (and who really wants to waste 2 inches of a $6 treat?). 

Tired from cranking and twisting bully sticks into non-effective holders, we set out to develop a truly effective solution with all of the necessary requirements in mind. 

About SafetyChew

The secret to SafetyChew’s effectiveness is the patent-pending nylon pin. We found that bully sticks often slipped out of holders that merely grip the bully stick in place. Our dogs were too smart, too strong, and too determined to not beat the mediocre strength of the plastic and rubber holders. 

SafetyChew’s nylon pin is an easy to use, unbeatable solution. The nylon pin goes through a hole in the bully stick, securing the treat for a safe and long chew. The pin can only be removed with two fingers and was designed with strength as the number 1 priority. See how the design passed the strength test: