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About Us

SafetyChew is on a mission to make bully sticks and dog chews safe. With growing concerns of dog chew safety and dog health, dog owners everywhere are on the search for safer alternatives to rawhide and dog bones, such as nylabones. Bully sticks became a popular option, but pose health risks as well: potential dog choking and dog chew intestinal blockages. 

As bully stick holders started to started to become available, we found that our bully sticks kept slipping out of the bully stick holder or the holder was too clunky for our dog (or for us to use). We set out on a mission to develop a bully stick holder that grips bully sticks and secures the bully stick every time. 

With SafetyChew, you don't have to worry about when to take a bully stick away from your dog. Your dog will chew on the bully stick or dog bone until the very last inch is left. SafetyChew prevents your dog from swallowing the last inch or attempting to swallow the last inch. 

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