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Bizzy Pup's EverChew Poochie Parm Dog Food Topper

Bizzy Pup's EverChew Poochie Parm Dog Food Topper
Sprinkling Poochie Parm onto food
Poochie Parm all tasty on dog food
Poochie Parm sprinkles
Lid of Poochie Parm Jar
Bizzy Pup's EverChew Poochie Parm Dog Food Topper - Bully Stick SafetyChew

Bizzy Pup's EverChew Poochie Parm Dog Food Topper

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What is this?!

Fresh from our Bizzy Pup R&D team is this exciting new EverChew product! Poochie Parm is 100% bully stick shavings. We installed a special vacuum system on our drill to catch these tasty delights in a clean and safe way for your pooch.  

Kirby's dog Rosie is a finicky eater, and when the food is left out, then Plumpers McMeowface will eat the dog food. But we've found that a sprinkle of these bully stick shavings will usually get Rosie to clean her bowl.

While our sticks are low to no odor, this sprinkle does have a bit of a kick because of the large surface area of the shavings.  But as long as you don't purposefully take in a snoot-full, you'll probably never notice.  Heck, the stink is probably why dog's love it so much.

What's Inside?!

  • 2 cups of 100% bully stick shavings--made in Texas, USA
  • That's 32 tablespoons!
  • or 473 mL for chemists like Kirby
  • or 0.01 bushels if you prefer small numbers

About our All-Natural Bully Sticks and Poochie Parm!

  • Free-Range, Grass-Fed, 100% All-Natural
  • Pesticide Free, Hormone Free, Chemical Free
  • Sniff Test of Bully Sticks: Low to NO Odor

Nutritional Facts:

Our bully stick are 100% Beef Pizzle! Nutrition break down is listed below:

Crude Protein (Min) 85%
Crude Fat (Min) 3%
Moisture (Max) 11%
Crude Fiber (Max) 1%
Calories (Each) - Please remember, no two bully sticks are the same! 75 - 95