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Guest Blog Post: Doobert Podcast | About SafetyChew Bully Stick Holder

Tune in to a special episode of the Animal Innovations Show Podcast to hear the birth story of SafetyChew, Episode 132, SafetyChew: No More Choking with Robust Bully Stick Holder.

The Animal Innovations Show is a podcast dedicated to bringing together animal volunteers and animal welfare organizations to save animals. In this episode, we join the hosts to talk about SafetyChew, a bully stick holder designed to keep your dog safe while enjoying their favorite chew, and how our company came to life.

Bully sticks have become a popular treat for dogs. Unfortunately, un-chewed pieces of bully sticks can pose a choking risk or even cause an intestinal blockage. This is where SafetyChew comes in, providing a solution to this common problem.

SafetyChew is a bully stick holder that is designed to keep your dog safe while enjoying their treat. Made from durable and non-toxic materials, the holder ensures that un-chewed pieces of bully stick cannot be swallowed by your dog, preventing choking and reducing the risk of intestinal blockages. The holder is also easy to use, simply insert the bully stick and let your dog enjoy their treat.

Don't miss out on this exciting episode of the Animal Innovations Show to learn more about Safety Chew and how it's changing the game when it comes to giving dogs bully sticks.