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About SafetyChew

SafetyChew is an innovative patent pending dog product that locks your dog's bully stick to prevent choking and expends the overall chew time! Before we get into the details, check out our intro video!

The Problem / Why SafetyChew was Invented? / Dog Choking and Bully Stick Holders

Bully sticks are a healthy alternative to other dog chews such as rawhide. Unfortunately, dogs often try to gulp the last inch or two down, and this can be very dangerous. This last bit is a serious choking hazard and can even result in an expensive trip to the vet. 

 Source: Vet Practice News

Last year we set out and tested every bully stick holder on the market. We found there are 4 common issues with most bully stick holders:

  • Bully stick can slip out of the device
  • Device strength and quality was unacceptable
  • Difficult to insert and remove bully stick into device
  • Too much bully stick was wasted

Now the fun part! With our hundreds of data points, we set out to build the perfect bully stick holder. 

The Solution - SafetyChew Breakdown

One of our first realizations when designing the SafetyChew was it is near impossible to clamp, squeeze, or grip a dog chew. Dogs are smart and determined and no two bully sticks are the exact same size, which resulted in dogs contstantly pulling the chew out of the device. After returning to the drawing board, we determined the only way to solve this problem was to truly lock the bully stick I the device. Add all these factors up, and we developed our patent pending nylon pin lock. The locking mechanism is a two step process that is very simple for humans, but dogs cannot defeat! 

Ask Kirby for illustrative side angle photo. Need to photoshop rawhide out.


the This made is easy for Using a combination of their paws and teeth, most dogs could create enough force to 


SafetyChew Strength Test

Our patent pending nylon pin locks the bully stick in place and prevents your dog from being able to pull out the bully stick. As we tested materials to create the pin, 

But what if your dog is super strong, take a look at our strength test! The video illustrates the pin can easily withstand the downward force of a (moving) 65 pound dog. You can even play tug-of-war with the SafetyChew.